Silverton’s Horses, Camels and Cattle

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The horses, camels and cattle you will see around Silverton are all owned by people living in Silverton. They live on the Common which is managed by the Silverton Temporary Common Trust. The Trust keeps an eye on all the livestock and if feed or water is becoming scarce, the number of animals on the Common is reduced. All the livestock roam freely, so please drive carefully, especially at night.
The horses are quite friendly and are usually happy to pose for photos. As with the donkeys, if you stop your car, you will soon be surrounded and if you wind down the window, you will have a furry head in there!! The camels are quite photogenic too.

You can sometimes get a good shot of our stock creating a “Silverton traffic jam”…..that’s any or all of the horses, cattle or camels standing in the middle of the road holding up traffic. Not quite up to city traffic standards, but so much more fun!
The cattle are all well-handled and shouldn’t pose a problem to anyone if left alone. They are mustered regularly and managed the same way as they would be on a cattle station. They frequently walk through the town on their way to water or a new feeding area, so drive carefully and give them a little space. And don’t worry if you are walking, they will just wander past you.

Please do not feed bread, cakes or any other processed food to the horses or livestock. Carrots and apples are okay, but other “human” foods can cause serious illness and possibly death, so please, if you don’t have carrots or apples, DON’T FEED THEM!!!