Silverton’s Donkeys

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The Silverton Donkeys have been around for years.  Originally there were seven donkeys, but over the years, we have lost them one by one to old age. In 2013, Jack passed away, leaving Dollar all alone. This was upsetting for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Dollar was very sad, but secondly, it became apparent that Silverton was losing something very precious.
The donkeys had become part of the town and people came back partly because of them…the town wouldn’t be the same without them. The donkeys had established quite a repertoire of “bad behaviour”. They would stop cars, sticking their heads in open windows looking for treats and they visited the town businesses each day, again looking for anything that could be conned away from people. It wasn’t unusual to see them with their heads stuck in an open door on a hot day…where they could feel the air conditioning! And this was just a small part of their attraction! We couldn’t let this end, so the town purchased three new donkeys, Penny, Jenny and Degs. Penny and Jenny are mother and daughter and Degs was a wild donkey. They were handled for some months to make sure they were people friendly and then Dollar was introduced to them. They hit it off immediately and finally were “turned loose” on Silverton. Dollar has done a spectacular job of passing on all his “knowledge” and again, Silverton’s much- loved donkeys are back for visitors to enjoy.
It’s okay to feed them,but please, only carrots and apples. Bags of pony pellets are available from the Silverton Hotel for a small cost too. The donkeys will love you.