Silverton’s Creeks

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Silverton’s creeks are usually dry. They are home to big, beautiful gum trees, Silverton Gums, which are our very own species of River Red Gum. The seeds of the Silverton Red Gum have been harvested at various times for regenerating areas of high salt levels, as the trees are renowned for their salt tolerance. The trees are spectacular with beautifully coloured and textured trunks and are home to many species of birds, reptiles, bats, insects…you name it. The creeks are wonderful subjects for artists and photographers.

During periods of heavy rain, the creeks can flow without warning, becoming raging floodwaters very quickly. The creeks are fed by a huge catchment area, so it doesn’t have to rain in Silverton for the creeks to flow. For this reason, it is not advisable to camp in the creeks. Be very careful driving through creeks which are flowing across the road.  The water may be much deeper than it looks and is quite often running very fast. If in doubt, sit and wait.