Films at Silverton

The film industry is an integral part of Silverton. Most locals had at least a walk -on role in Mad Max ll, which was filmed in and around the town in 1981.
Silverton’s unique landscape has drawn film makers from around the world. Print and television commercials have been made around here for decades and it is not uncommon to come across a film crew in the area.

Below are just a few of the films that have been shot in and around Silverton over the years.

Strangerland – 2014 (Hugo Weaving / Nicole Kidman)
Dirty Deeds – 2001
Mission Impossible II – 1999
The Missing – 1998
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – 1993
Reckless Kelly – 1991
Royal Flying Doctor Service (TV) – 1991
The Water Trolly – 1989
As Time Goes By – 1987
Dirtwater Dynasty (miniseries) – 1987
A Place to Call Home (tv) – 1986
The Blue Lightning (TV) – 1986
Alice to Nowhere (TV) – 1985
Comrades – 1985
The Long Way Home – 1984
Razorback – 1983
The Camel Boy -1983
The Slim Dusty Movie – 1983
Hostage – 1982
A Town Like Alice (miniseries) 1981
Max Max II – 1981
The Golden Soak – 1978
The Battle of Broken Hill (Miniseries) – 1971
Girl in Australia – 1970
Wake in Fright – 1970

Wake in fright
Madmax 2
Reckless kelly
Priscilla queen of the desert


Do you have a film production, photoshoot or TV commercial you would like to shoot out at Silverton?
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