Beyond 39 Dips

There’s a lot on offer at Beyond 39 Dips.
Jim and Lee Neilson have set up shop to sell their own unique, handcrafted items.

Leadlight, mirror etching, leather items and jewellery are all made right on the premises. The couple strive to work their magic – and the benefit of their 27 years of experience – on Australian materials whenever possible.

Beyond 39 Dips also stocks Tasmanian woollen goods made of pure Australian wool, maps of the area and outback books.
Frequent visitors to Silverton over the years, Jim and Lee succumbed to Silverton’s siren song in 2004 and made the permanent move.

They have always felt an affinity for the bush and Lee’s local family made the town an easy choice.

Lee has been working with glass and leather for 30 years, honing her skills to create original hand crafted pieces of superior quality.

The environment surrounding Silverton inspires Lee’s work, especially the glass pieces, where she draws on the vibrant hues and colours to reflect the “Australian Outback” in her artistic glasswork.
Jimmy is a novice to leather work, but under Lee’s guidance has picked up a number of skills to help in the production process.

He also makes a good coffee!

Despite their geographical isolation, the couple’s products have been sent all over the world, often in the hands of happy customers from as far afield as America , Asia and Europe .

Beyond 39 Dips is open from 8.30am until 5pm, seven days a week.